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Pro-Choice Arizona prioritizes community needs to advance reproductive equity, justice, and abortion access for all folks living in Arizona through direct service programs, education, and research. 


In our work, we are committed to centering and lifting up the voices of those most impacted and from marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color. 



Pro-Choice Arizona envisions a future in which every person has access to their full potential and range of reproductive options regardless of geographic location, financial status, or political and social class.


We envision a society where people and families live in thriving communities and every person is able to make reproductive decisions that are affordable and right for them, including but not limited to having children and choosing abortion(s).


We work towards a future where reproductive healthcare is accessible, affordable, compassionate, and patient-centered. We dream of a future in which these choices are made not only free of barriers but also free of stigma, shame, and judgment.


What We Do

Pro-Choice Arizona operates two major programs: Rural Access Project and Abortion Fund of Arizona. 

Our Rural Access Project aims to strengthen state-wide relationships while increasing abortion access and reproductive education to all Arizona counties, 80% of which live without a provider or clinic. Our work is centered and driven by community research, learning from the lived experiences of folks in these towns. This research will inform program needs and future legislative efforts for the state.

Abortion Fund of Arizona supports individuals through their abortion experience(s) by providing financial support for procedure expenses and practical support, which can look like hotel stays, meal support, gas assistance, coverage of childcare expenses, and any necessary vaccines needed for the procedure.

Pro-Choice Arizona is also a member of the Arizona Reproductive Justice Coalition. 12 organizations representing intersecting issues came together in 2020. We aim to introduce, advance, and advocate for state and local policies that center Reproductive Justice. 

You can help influence the legislature on reproductive health. Find out how to take action.​

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