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Plan B (2007)

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Plan B (2007)

Background Information

In the Fall of this year, the Federal Drug Administration issued regulations permitting PLAN B (emergency contraception) to be sold over the counter to women 17 years and older without a physician’s prescription. PLAN B, which must be taken within 120 hours after intercourse, prevents unintended pregnancies by serving as a barrier to fertilization. It is almost 100% effective and has no negative effects on an existing pregnancy.

In layman’s terms, PLAN B is simply a heavy dosage of birth control pills. It has been available through prescription by a physician for many years. Women under the age of 18 are still required to have a prescription for PLAN B.

The NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona "PLAN B Educational Campaign” will address such issues as:

1. Dispelling the "myth” that PLAN B is an abortion pill;

2. Assuring that pharmacies stock PLAN B, as research shows that a number of pharmacies in Arizona refuse to make it available, based on the pharmacists’ personal convictions;

3. Enabling women fearful of an unintended and unwanted pregnancy as a result of rape, incest or unprotected sex to know they have safe, legal options for avoiding pregnancy.

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