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2009 Legislative Summary

NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona Supported Legislation 2009

HB 2544 - Medically Accurate Sex Education for Arizona Schools
Sponsor: Representatives Garcia, Aguirre, Kirkpatrick, Sinema: Alvarez, Cajero Bedford, Gallardo, Lopez, Lujan, Tom
Status at Sine Die: Not Assigned
Medically accurate, comprehensive and age-appropriate curriculum sexuality, including human development, relationships, decision-making, abstinence, contraception and disease prevention.

NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona Opposed Legislation 2009

SB 1138/ HB2400 - Criminal Penalty Late-Term Abortion Ban
Sponsors: Senators & Representatives Senators & Representatives Antenori, Ash, Barnes, Barto, Biggs, Boone, Brown, Burgess, Court, Crandall, Goodale, Gowan, Gray, Harper, Jones, Kavanaugh, Lesko, Mason, Murphy, Nichols, Pearce, Pratt, Stevens, Tobin, Waring & Yarbrough
Status at Sine Die: Signed into Law by Governor Brewer on July 13, 2009
Changes the definition of partial-birth abortion and specifying that a physician may be imprisoned for two years for a violation of this statute.

SB 1175 / HB 2554 - Ban Mid-Wives & Nurse Practitioner Abortion Procedures
Sponsors: Senator Pearce; Representatives Seel, Hendrix, Lesko, Montenegro, Quelland, & Weiers
Status at Sine Die: Signed into Law by Governor Brewer on July 13, 2009
Limits the scope of practice for advanced certified nurses, the role of the Arizona Board of Nursing and prohibits a nurse from performing a surgical abortion.

SB 1206 / HB 2564 - Additional Judicial Bypass Regulations for Minors Seeking Abortion
Sponsors: Senator Gray, Representative Barto
Status at Sine Die: Held in committee
Modifies abortion statutes, including establishing the burden of proof for a judicial bypass order, outlining guidelines for judges when determining if a pregnant unemancipated minor is mature and capable of giving informed consent to an abortion and establishing requirements for physicians to obtain written informed consent of a woman seeking an abortion. Specifies that certain health professionals are not required to facilitate or participate in the provision of an abortion, abortion medication or emergency contraception, defines a fetus as an "unborn child”


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