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2005 Legislative Summary

NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona Opposed Legislation 2005

SB 1052 - Unborn Children; Protection
Sponsors: Senators Jarrett, Bee, Flake, Gray, et al.
Status at Sine Die: Signed by Governor Janet Napolitano on April 25, 2005

Prescribes penalties for the death of an unborn child providing that a person commits manslaughter by knowingly or recklessly causing the death of an unborn child and shall be treated like a minor who is under twelve years of age at any stage of its development by any physical injury to the mother which would be murder if the death of the mother had occurred.

SB 1137 - Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System; Powers and Duties
Sponsors: Senator Allen
Status at Sine Die: Signed by Governor Janet Napolitano on April 19, 2005

Family planning services do not include abortion or abortion counseling. If a contractor elects not to provide family planning services, this election does not disqualify the contractor from delivering all other covered health and medical services under this chapter. In that event, the administration may contract directly with another contractor, including an outpatient surgical center or a non-contracting provider, to deliver family planning services to a member who is enrolled with the contractor that elects not to provide family planning services.

SB1295 / HB 2557 - Establish Stem Cell & Cloning Research Committee
Sponsors: Senator Allen; Representative Stump
Status at Sine Die: Held in Committee
A committee of legislators, doctors, clergy, researchers and others is created to study issues connected with stem cell research including potential benefits of stem cell research and whether legislation is needed to regulate it.

HB 2541 / SB 1485 - Healthcare; Rights of Conscience
Sponsors: Representatives Martin, Blendu, Gould, Harper, Huppenthal, Jarrett,, Representatives Quelland, Allen, Briggs, Verschoor
Status at Sine Die: Vetoed by Governor Janet Napolitano on April 13, 2005
Allows health care professionals, institutions and pharmacies to refuse to provide services associated with an abortion or emergency contraception.

HB 2629 - Redefines Legally Born Persons
Sponsors: Representatives Rosati, Gray C: Biggs, Burges, Gorman, Groe, McLain, Paton, Quelland, Stump
Status at Sine Die: Held in Committee
Physician or person with delegatory authority who performs a medical procedure that results in the in the injury or death of a perinate is immune from liability so long as the circumstances of spontaneous abortion, reasonable medical judgment, and the health/safety of the mother is at risk. Perinate defined as live human being having any body part pass through the vaginal introitus: detectable heartbeat; evidence of breathing; spontaneous movement; umbilical cord pulsation.HB 2683 - Abortion; Fetal Pain Sponsors: Gorman, Knaperek, Murphey et alStatus at Sine Die: Held in CommitteeProhibits abortion of an unborn child who has reached a probable stage of development of twenty weeks; has the physical structures necessary to experience pain.
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